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Prince George's County TheBus Schedules & Maps

Greenbelt - 11
Service To: Greenbelt Metro/MARC Station,Federal Courthouse,Greenbelt Center,Eleanor Roosevelt High School,Greenbelt Armory Park & Ride

Chillum/Mt. Rainier/Brentwood - 12
Service To: West Hyattsville Metro,Chillum,Mt. Rainier,Brentwood,North Brentwood Community Center,Gwen Britt Center,Cora B. Woods Senior Center

West Hyattsville - 13
Service To: West Hyattsville Metro,County Service Building,Prince George's Plaza Metro,Hyattsville City Hall,Hyattsville Justice Center

College Park Metro/Riverdale Park - 14
Service To: Prince George's Plaza Metro,Riverdale MARC Station,College Park Metro,Riverdale Plaza

Greenbelt to New Carrollton - 15X
Service To: Greenbelt Metro/MARC Station,NASA Goddard Space Flight Center,Beltway Plaza,New Carrollton Mall,New Carrollton Metro/MARC/Amtrak Station

Greenbelt to New Carrollton - 16
Service To: Greenbelt Metro/MARC Station,New Carrollton Metro/MARC/Amtrak Station,Berwyn Heights,Doctors Community Hospital,Carrollton Mall

Route 1 Ride - 17
Service To: College Park,University of Maryland,College Park Metro/MARC Station,University Park,Hyattsville

Langley Park to Addison Road Metro - 18
Service To: Prince George's Plaza Metro,Cheverly Metro,Addison Road Metro

Upper Marlboro - 20
Service To: Addison Road Metro,Melwood Training Center,County Courthouse,County Administration Building

Upper Marlboro - 21
Service To: New Carrollton Metro/MARC/Amtrak Station,County Courthouse,Landover Mall,Largo Town Center Metro,Equestrian Center,Prince George's Community College,County Administration Building

Prince George's Comm. Col. to New Carrollton Metro - 21X
Service To: New Carrollton Metro/MARC/Amtrak Station,Landover Mall,Prince George's Community College,Motor Vehicle Administration

Morgan Boulevard Metro/Summerfield - 22
Service To: Landover Mall,Prince George's Sports & Learning Complex,Morgan Boulevard Metro

Seat Pleasant - 23
Service To: Cheverly Metro,Addison Road Metro,Seat Pleasant,Prince George's Sports & Learning Complex

Capitol Heights/District Heights - 24
Service To: Morgan Boulevard Metro,Capitol Heights Metro,Rollins Avenue,Penn Station Shopping Center,District Heights,Forestville

Capitol Heights - 25
Service To: Capitol Heights Metro,Addison Plaza,Highview,Hillside

Largo Town Center Metro to Morgan Boulevard Metro - 26
Service To: Largo Town Center Metro,Prince George's Community College,Motor Vehicle Administration,Morgan Boulevard Metro

Landover Metro/Dodge Park - 27
Service To: Landover Metro,Dodge Park,Kentland

Largo Boulevard/Woodmore/Inglewood Shuttle - 28
Service To: Largo Town Center Metro,Boulevard at the Capital Centre,Woodmore Towne Center,Inglewood Business Park,Largo Government Center

Camp Springs/Clinton - 30
Service To: Branch Avenue Metro,Camp Springs,Andrews Air Force Base,Clinton Fringe Lot

Camp Springs/Iverson Mall - 32
Service To: Camp Springs,Clinton Fringe Lot,Naylor Road Metro,Iverson Mall,The Manor at Victoria Park

Camp Springs/Owens Road - 33
Service To: Camp Springs,Southern Avenue Metro,Padgetts Corner,Fisher Road,Owens Road

Suitland/Capital Crossing Apartments - 34
Service To: Suitland Metro,Capital Crossing Apartments,White Hall Apartments

Forest Heights - 35
Service To: Southern Avenue Metro,National Harbor,Gaylord Hotel

Upper Marlboro - 51
Service To: County Courthouse,Equestrian Center,County Administration Building,Chrysler Building

Upper Marlboro - 53
Service To: Villages of Marlborough,Marlboro Meadows,Chrysler Building

Fort Washington - 35S
Service To: Gaylord Hotel,Oxon Hill Park & Ride,Fort Washington Manor,Fort Washington Hospital,Olde Fort Village Shopping Center

Clinton-Pinefield - 36
Service To: Clinton Fringe Lot,Clinton,Gwynn Park,Brandywine Crossing,Pinefield Shopping Center